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-Cold callers in Currie offering roofing work1 Apr 2016
-Another Currie break-in7 Mar 2015
-Yet more break-ins in Currie19 Feb 2015
-More break-ins in Currie14 Oct 2014
-Cold callers offering roofing work2 May 2014
-Yet more house-breakings in Currie12 Feb 2014
-More break-ins in Currie22 Nov 2013
-Recent burglaries10 Apr 2013
-More housebreakings in Currie20 Jul 2012
-Housebreakings in Currie26 Apr 2012
-HMRC warn of Email Scams29 Sep 2011
-Police Reminder: Do NOT give out your bank details29 Sep 2011
-Waste Crime29 Jul 2011
-Solar Energy Cold Callers19 May 2011
-Burglary in Currie8 Sep 2010
-New street signs9 Jul 2010
-Good weather can bring crime26 May 2010
-Jewellery selling scam23 Apr 2010
-Credit card security code scam29 Mar 2010
-Free security system scam2 Feb 2010
-BT Telephone scam28 Sep 2009
-Housebreakings in Currie20 Oct 2008
-Bogus workmen operating in the area22 Sep 2008
-Sighthill Recycling Centre15 Jan 2008
-Visit to Currie Primary School15 Jan 2008
-School Watch inaugural meeting12 Dec 2007

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Cold callers in Currie offering roofing work

1 Apr 2016

The Trading Standards Team have been informed of an incident in Currie yesterday, involving cold callers claiming to represent businesses who have previously carried out roofing work.

Victims have then been shown pieces of wood and claims are made regarding extra work which needs done. They currently believe this is false, and advise against getting work done by cold callers. Get multiple quotes for any work you need done and use a Trusted Trader or one who has been recommended to you by someone you trust.

Please ensure that friends, family and neighbours are made aware, and report any suspicious traders as soon as possible. You can contact City of Edinburgh Trading Standards on 0131 529 3030 or via trading.standards@edinburgh.gov.uk. Alternatively you can call the Police on 101.

In an emergency, always dial 999.

Source: Neighbourhood Watch Scotland

Another Currie break-in

7 Mar 2015

We have been informed of another burglary in Currie last night. This time entry was gained by using a wheelie bin to climb over a fence into the rear of the property, where the shed was broken into. Some tools from the shed were then used to smash a window to get into the house. Apparently the alarm went off and the intruder(s) cut the alarm wire to silence it.

Please be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police immediately.

Yet more break-ins in Currie

19 Feb 2015

We have been informed that there have been two burglaries in Weavers Knowe Crescent and Riccarton Drive over the last few days. It seems that there is a spate of break-ins in the Currie area and the Police have increased patrols to try to catch the criminals. They are also involving CID officers.

They believe that there are a number of gangs which seem to be well organised. The usual method of entry is by the rear of the house by forcing a door open or breaking a window. Once in the house they usually close the curtains so that they cannot be seen. Some of these break-ins have occurred in daylight hours.

The advice from the Police is:

More break-ins in Currie

14 Oct 2014

One of our residents has advised us that there was a break-in to a house on Thomson Road on Sunday 5 October, around 1am during a spell of heavy rain and wind. The intruders broke windows and through the door to the back and side of the property. They took jewellery, a computer and other valuables, including the owner's car key and car. The owner was away for the weekend at the time.

He was advised by neighbour that the nearby newsagent on Lanark Road next to the Corner Café and butcher was also broken into again during the week of 6 October.

Also, on Sunday 12 October he awoke around 4:20am and from his window saw a man acting suspiciously in the area, near the junction of Thomson Road with Corslet Crescent. There was also a white Ford Transit van outside with one of the back doors open. The man looked like he was walking away from two properties on Thomson Road. He's not sure if they saw his curtain move, but the man got into the van and it drove off down Corslet Crescent with the back door still open. The police were called and given a statement.

Please be extra vigilant and call the police if you see anything suspicious, ideally taking note of any vehicle registrations, or even better taking a photo if you have a phone or camera handy.

Cold callers offering roofing work

2 May 2014

Cold Callers have been reported in the Currie area offering gutter cleaning and attempting to convince householders that further work is required on their roof.

Before contracting for Home Maintenance work, please remember:

If you are in any way unsure about a caller at your door, contact Trading Standards or the Police immediately. Edinburgh Trading Standards can be contacted on 0131 529 3030 or trading.standards@edinburgh.gov.uk. Police Scotland can be contacted on 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.

Yet more house-breakings in Currie

12 Feb 2014

There have yet more house-breakings in Currie in the past few days. In one incident the occupants were merely out for a few hours in the evening. The perpetrators went round the back and simply smashed the lower pane of the double-glazed back door with a piece of slab and crawled in. Small valuables such as watches, jewellery and money were taken.

Please be on your guard. If you see anyone behaving suspiciously (even just a stranger going round the back of a neighbour's house) please keep an eye out and record any details you can. Call the Police immediately if you believe a crime may be in progress.

More break-ins in Currie

22 Nov 2013

There was a break-in last week in Thomson Road and one on Wednesday 20th November, between 2pm and 8pm, in Muir Wood Place.

The modus operandi appears to be that entry is gained at the rear of the property, using force. Items that are being taken include Keys, Jewellery and Money. The Muir Wood Place incident also had bikes stolen.

Please be vigilant and call the Police if you see anything suspicious (101, or 999 if you see a crime in progress).

Recent burglaries

10 Apr 2013

There was a spate of burglaries in Currie over the past few days. Around 6 houses were broken into, of which at least 3 were in Lanark Road West. The suspected culprit was apprehended yesterday, after the owner of one house caught him in his kitchen when he returned home. He is currently in custody with the police obtaining a search warrant for his home.

The burglaries were in broad daylight, at least two when the house was occupied. The police advise that if you catch anyone in your home, do not approach or challenge them, but take a good look at them, note which way they go when they leave, then contact the police immediately.

For advice on security in your home, refer to the CENW website or contact the Police to ask for a visit from our local Crime Prevention Officer.

More housebreakings in Currie

20 Jul 2012

There have been 2 more housebreakings in Currie this week, on Lanark Road West. In one a large television was taken. This would have required at least two people to lift and transport to move.

Please be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police immediately.

Housebreakings in Currie

26 Apr 2012

There have been several housebreakings in Currie recently. Please be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police immediately.

HMRC warn of Email Scams

29 Sep 2011

HMRC is warning of a dramatic increase in fraudulent emails claiming to offer a refund of overpaid taxes. Reports of fraudulent "phishing" emails have risen by 300% over the past year, HM Revenue & Customs has confirmed.

It is essential that anyone receiving an email claiming to be from HMRC telling them that they are due a tax repayment does not follow the email's instructions. Instead, they should and contact HMRC immediately before deleting the email. The emails include a link to a cloned version of the HMRC website, where recipients are invited to enter their bank or credit card details. Providing the information asked for enables criminals to steal from the account and victims risk not only having their bank accounts emptied but also their personal details being sold on to other organised criminal gangs.

HMRC receives thousands of complaints about phishing scams and is currently shutting down around 100 sites every month. Joan Wood, Director of HMRC's online and digital dept. said: "Customers who are owed a tax refund will only ever be contacted by post. We don't currently use phone calls, emails or external companies in these circumstances. We would ask anyone who receives a suspicious email claiming to be from HMRC to send it to phishing@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk."

HMRC advise customers to:

The sooner you report suspicious activities to HMRC or you bank/card issuer the sooner they will be able to take action.

Source: Scottish Business Crime Centre

Police Reminder: Do NOT give out your bank details

29 Sep 2011

Police are advising householders who are asked for personal and banking details by telephone callers claiming to be from the police to refuse to divulge any information.

This warning has been issued after two incidents in Central Scotland last week in which elderly residents fell victim to fraud. There have been other similar offences reported in Both Falkirk and Stirling.

The victims were contacted by a person claiming to be a named police officer. In both instances, the victims were asked to divulge their bank details in addition to handing over their bank cards after being told that they had been used fraudulently. Significant sums of money were then removed from the bank accounts.

Detective Inspector Ronnie Isles, leading the investigation, said: "These victims have each been defrauded of a five figure sum of cash by men claiming to be police officers and stating they were there to help them after an alleged fraud. Neither police officers nor bank staff would ask for bank details over the phone or come to your home, and I have to stress to residents that they should never divulge these details to a third party. No matter who someone claims to be over the phone, or at your door, refuse to pass on any information to them. Contact the police immediately and make a point of contacting your bank in person to ensure your account hasn't been accessed."

Source: www.aosnw.co.uk

Waste Crime

29 Jul 2011

Waste, especially hazardous waste, has the potential to cause serious harm to the environment, wildlife and human health. Therefore any business in Scotland that transports treats or disposes of any type of waste must have a waste permit or be registered with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

A number of illegal waste operators have set up across Scotland, operating without the proper licences, procedures and equipment in place. These type of illegal operations include:

Waste crime costs tax payers millions of pounds each year to investigate and clean up, and it also undermines legitimate waste businesses, who are often undercut by these operators. Serious organised crime groups are also moving into the waste business, using sites as a front for more serious forms of crime, such as money laundering and drug trafficking.

The independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS in partnership with SEPA is targeting these illegal operators – some of whom could be in your area. If you have any information regarding illegal waste operators you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or give information anonymously via the online reporting form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org

For more information, see: www.crimestoppers-uk.org/in-your-area/scotland/campaigns-scotland/sepa-joins-forces-with-crimestoppers-to-tackle-environmental-crime-5489321

Source: www.aosnw.co.uk

Solar Energy Cold Callers

19 May 2011

The Scottish Regional Scambusters Team are warning consumers to be on their guard regarding representatives from companies canvassing for solar panels and energy saving installations.

There have been recent reports of consumers in Scotland being cold called by telephone or receiving unsolicited home visits from company representatives offering the installation of solar panels or other similar energy saving devices on a special offer and pressure being applied on the day to sign expensive contracts, without the consumer having appropriate time to make an informed decision and consider other suppliers. We would urge consumers who are interested in acquiring a household solar energy system to fully acquaint themselves with information available from appropriate sources, particularly in relation to the expected financial dividends consumers could reasonably expect from energy being fed back into the National Grid. In this regard, it should be noted that for consumers to benefit from guaranteed payments from the Feed In Tariff (FIT) Scheme on systems installed after 1 April 2010, they must have been installed by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installer.

Consumers may find it helpful to consult the The Energy Saving Trust, which is a non-profit organisation that provides free and impartial advice on how to save energy. Additional information and a list of registered installers can be obtained from the MCS, a quality assurance scheme focussed on ensuring the quality of renewable technology installations and products.

David Roderick, Trading Standards Manager, and joint head of the Scottish Regional Scambusters Team said, “We would advise consumers not to make a transactional decision following unsolicited home visits by cold callers. It is always beneficial to take an appropriate period of time to carry out some industry research on the product or service being offered and do not sign up immediately. We strongly recommend you consult the government backed websites and ensure that any installers are MCS registered”.

The MCS website is www.microgenerationcertification.org and their contact telephone number is 0207 090 1082.

The Scottish Regional Scambusters Team is a Scottish Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards (SCOTTS) enforcement and investigation team funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). The team operate across all local authority boundaries in Scotland.

Source: www.aosnw.co.uk

Burglary in Currie

8 Sep 2010

A house in Currie was burgled recently when the resident left in a hurry and forgot to lock her french windows. She was only gone for an hour and a half in the afternoon, but returned to discover her house had been turned over and some items taken.

Please be on your guard and remember to lock all doors and windows whenever you leave your house, no matter for how long, and be aware that burglaries don't just happen under cover of darkness.

New street signs

9 Jul 2010

After an intense and long drawn out period of negotiation with the City of Edinburgh Council, CENW are pleased to announce that 30 new and replacement Neighbourhood Watch street signs have been erected. These advertise to potential criminals that they are in an active Neighbourhood watch area.

Good weather can bring crime

26 May 2010

As the good weather approaches, this can bring opportunities for criminals who carry out opportunistic or slip-in type crimes. We have been informed by Lothian & Borders Police that so far this year there have been a disproportionate number of break-ins and trying of door handles to domestic premises and motor vehicles across the city.

Please be alert to this danger and remember to keep your doors locked, especially your front door when out in the back garden. Open windows can also be an easy target, so remember to close them when not in the vicinity. Don't leave the key in the lock where it can be seen from the outside, and keep desirable items such as electronic goods, laptops and jewellery out of view from windows and doors.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously near to your premises please contact the police immediately with as detailed a description as possible of any person or vehicle involved.

Jewellery selling scam

23 Apr 2010

Several reports of the following have been received happening in Clackmannanshire in Central Scotland, Fife area and Hillend, Edinburgh.

A well-dressed individual approaches looking for help. The male is often driving a Mercedes and the contact is made in either car parks or service areas. The story given is that the man has lost his wallet, or has had his credit cards/money stolen. He claims to be in desperate need of petrol and asks if you could lend/give him some money. In return he removes a gold chain or bracelet and a couple of rings which he gives you as a token of his thanks. He then offers to sell the rest of his rings/jewellery to obtain a little more cash.

Be warned that the items presented are not gold.

Police are requesting that any similar incidents should be reported as soon as possible. As always if you do feel under immediate threat however, then please call 999 immediately.

Source: www.aosnw.co.uk

Credit card security code scam

29 Mar 2010

Please be on your guard when answering the phone, as there is a scam operating in which thieves try to obtain your credit security code.

See here for more details: http://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/creditcard.asp

Although this scam is not new, we have received reports that it is has recently resurfaced.

As a general rule, never assume that anyone who calls you is genuine, and never give out any personal details to them, no matter how confident and official they may sound. If in doubt, call your credit card provider back on a number you know to be theirs (e.g. on the back of your card).

Free security system scam

2 Feb 2010

CENW would like to warn residents that Currie is currently being targeted by a company offering "free" security systems in a decidedly dodgy cold-calling marketing campaign.

Although the security system itself is technically "free", the customer is conned into signing up for a ridiculously expensive long-term maintenance contract. Victims have discovered they actually signed up to a 5-year maintenance contract costing £138 per month, and have had great difficulty getting out of it.

The company has been operating throughout the country and are well known to Trading Standards officers and consumer organisations.

Please be on your guard. If you receive a phone call or visit from someone offering anything like this, please just decline and do not give out any personal details. If they persist or get aggressive then just hang up/close the door and call the police.

BT Telephone scam

28 Sep 2009

Beware of a current scam in which the caller attempts to get your bank or credit card details, pretending to be a representative from BT calling you about arrears on your account. The caller demands immediate payment of a supposed unpaid bill, telling you that otherwise a hefty reconnection charge will apply. In order to convince you he's genuine, he supposedly demonstrates he can disconnect your line, achieving this by simply muting and staying on the line when you hang up, thus making your line appear dead.

If you receive such a call, just hang up. If they call back just ignore it. Do not give out any personal details. BT would never call you and demand immediate payment over the phone.

Always be on your guard when answering the phone, and never assume the caller is actually who they say they are. If in doubt, hang up and call the organisation yourself using a number from a bill or the telephone directory (never a number given to you by the caller).

See also: www.hoax-slayer.com/bt-unpaid-bill-phone-scam.shtml

Housebreakings in Currie

20 Oct 2008

From PC Mike Smith:

Over the last weekend there were 4 houses broken into in the Currie area. These HBs took place in Bryce Road, Muir Wood Road and Weavers Knowe Crescent. Can I ask that you pay particular attention when locking up and if you see anyone suspicious then please call the police.

I can be contacted as follows: PC 4219-A Mike Smith at Balerno Police station on telephone number 0131 449 5991 or alternatively email adivcbooxgangs-balerno@lbp.pnn.police.uk. This is a shared mailbox; please ensure you clearly state the intended recipient in the subject line.

PC 4219-A Mike Smith, Community Beat Officer ward 02, Balerno Police Station.

Bogus workmen operating in the area

22 Sep 2008

From PC Mike Smith:

Over the last week I have been made aware of a couple of bogus workmen operating in the Currie area. The MO has been to cold call at doors offering to tarmac or resurface complainers' driveways. The males have been extremely persistent and have called back a few times when the home-owners showed the slightest sign of interest in their services.

The work carried out has been of very poor quality and in some cases unfinished. The persons involved have always stated they needed paid in cash and have even offered to provide taxis to take complainers to the bank.

So far the elderly have been targeted but it is unknown just how much work these fraudsters have picked up in the area. Can I ask that if you have anyone at your door offering similar services that you call the police immediately. Also if you have been the subject a similar scam, please get in touch.

I can be contacted as follows: PC 4219-A Mike Smith at Balerno Police station on telephone number 0131 449 5991 or alternatively email adivcbooxgangs-balerno@lbp.pnn.police.uk. This is a shared mailbox; please ensure you clearly state the intended recipient in the subject line.

PC 4219-A Mike Smith, Community Beat Officer ward 02, Balerno Police Station.

Sighthill Recycling Centre

15 Jan 2008

Edinburgh's fourth Community Recyling Centre at Sighthill is now fully operational at Bankhead Avenue in Sighthill. The facility takes an array of materials for reuse, recycling, or environmentally sound disposal: bottles (glass and plastic), paper, packaging, cans, car batteries, engine oil, garden waste, scrap metals, solid wood plus electrical and electronic goods.

The site also includes a Reuse Cabin, run by the Edinburgh Furniture Initiative, which aims to divert hundreds of tonnes of working household electrical items and furniture from landfill to assist families on lower incomes to furnish their homes.

See also: EdinburghGuide news story

Visit to Currie Primary School

15 Jan 2008

Gordon McFadzean and Jim Herbert paid a visit to Currie Primary School to talk about Neighbourhood Watch. They spoke to the P6 and P7 pupils who were very attentive and seemed to be interested in the work of CENW and Neighbourhood Watch in general. The children were given the opportunity to ask questions or comment on their own experiences and there were still hands up to speak when the session had to be ended to make way for the next class.

Among other things they explained that our Watch extended Eastward from Curriehill Road and that there was no Watch to the West. They pointed out that there was nothing to stop the children from encouraging their parents to consider setting up a Watch on the other side of the street to make the whole of Currie a Watch area.

On the whole, it was quite an encouraging experience despite one story: They explained the need to try to make houses look occupied when their owners were on holiday and that a good idea was to exchange keys with a neighbour so that he could open and close curtains etc. One lad said that his Gran had arranged this with her next door neighbour, but while she was away her neighbour had ransacked the house and stolen everything!

School Watch inaugural meeting

12 Dec 2007

Gordon McFadzean and Jim Herbert attended the inaugural School Watch meeting in Currie Primary School on behalf of our Watch. It was also attended by 6 or 7 police, several school staff, the pupils of Primary 7 and a journalist.

The meeting was addressed by Superintendent Martin Gordon who outlined the magnitude of the damage that was done by vandals to schools each year, the fact that ultimately it was the children's parents who footed the repair bill, that damage to the schools resulted in a poorer environment for the children and that the Police were very thin on the ground to try to stop it without help from the community. He said that Currie was the first place in Edinburgh that the Police were rolling out "School Watch" and the results in Currie would be closely monitored.

See also: Lothian & Borders Police Press Release
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