Currie East Neighbourhood Watch


How security conscious are you? Take our quiz below to find out.

The correct answers may seem completely obvious, but it's amazing how many people forget to use basic common sense when it comes to security.

?1.You are in your front garden when someone rings your neighbour's doorbell. They are away on holiday. Do you:

Ashout over the fence that they're away on holiday and say when they'll be back
Bshow them where they've hidden their spare key
Ccall the police
Ddiscretely observe them without volunteering any information

?2.You see someone pushing a leaflet into a neighbour's letter box leaving it sticking out, when you know the neighbours are on holiday. Do you:

Aleave it alone - it's not yours
Bwait until they've gone and push it in properly
Ctell the person delivering the leaflet to push it in properly and explain why

?3.Someone opens the gate of a neighbour you know to be out, and goes through to the back garden. Do you:

Aignore it - it's none of your business
Bcall the police
Cconfront them to find out what they're doing
Dobserve them discretely from inside your house

?4.From your house you see a youth attempting to force open a car door in the street. Do you:

Aignore it - it's none of your business
Bcall the police
Cgo out for a walk and nonchalantly walk in his direction to see if this scares him off
Dask him if he needs help finding his keys

?5.You notice an elderly neighbour's curtains drawn shut during the day, which is unusual for them. Do you:

Aignore it - it's none of your business
Bcall the police
Cring their doorbell to see if they're ok
Dput on a balaclava and peer through their window

?6.What's the best way to leave your curtains when you go on holiday?

Chalf closed
Dask a neighbour to open & close them

?7.When you are in your house should you:

Akeep all your doors locked and hide all the keys in a drawer
Bkeep one door unlocked at all times in case you need to escape
Ckeep all your doors locked with the keys somewhere nearby

?8.Where's the safest place to keep your car keys?

AIn the car behind the sun visor
Bunder a plant pot in your garden
COn a shelf near your front door
DSomewhere inside but out of reach of the front door

?9.You've just parked outside the local shop to get a few things. You have a nice new Sat Nav. Should you:

AJust leave it there - you won't be long
BTake it with you
CCover it with your jacket and make sure you lock your car

?10.You've just stopped at the petrol station to fill up. Should you:

ALeave the keys in the ignition whilst filling up and paying
BRemember to take the keys out when you go to pay
CTake the keys out when you go to fill up and lock the vehicle when you go to pay

?11.Whilst walking home at night you see a group of noisy youths hanging about on the pavement up ahead, partially blocking the way. Should you:

ATurn around and go back the way you came
BKeep going and try to stare them out as you go past so they know not to mess with you
CCross to the other pavement and continue on your way without making eye contact
DStop and ask them what they're doing

?12.You are watching TV one night when you hear a neighbour's alarm going off. Should you:

ATurn up your TV and hope it'll stop soon
BGo to their house, sneak round the back and peek through the window to see if you can see someone
CCall the police
DLook out your window, or go out into the street to have a look.

?13.Someone calls at your door collecting for your favourite charity. It's pouring with rain. Should you:

ATell them to leave you alone or you'll call the police
BInvite them to come in out of the rain and wait in your hall while you go and get your wallet
CAsk to see their ID card, then ask them politely to hold on while you close the door and get some money to give them

?14.Someone calls at your door offering to resurface your drive at a knockdown price. It's a limited time offer which can be secured with a deposit, and your drive does badly need done. Should you:

AAgree and pay the required deposit before the offer expires
BDecline and instead get quotes from companies you find in the local paper or directory

?15.A caller at your door says they are conducting a market research survey about banking habits and starts to ask you questions including your name, date of birth, etc. As a reward you will receive 10 credited into your bank account, for which you need to give your bank details. Should you:

APolitely tell them you do not wish to participate in their survey, then call the police with a description.
BAnswer all their questions and check your account over the next few days for your 10 reward
CTell them they should leave immediately or you'll set your dogs on them